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1986 Renault Trafic T1000
van life
Image by charlie cars
I haven’t ever seen a Renault Trafic this old in Britain. I bet this has done many miles in its life.
This example even has the older front end, before they replaced it with a more conventional design.

A bit rusty, but for a van, it’s very tidy!

The vehicle details for C630 CPR are:

Date of Liability 01 12 2013
Date of First Registration 09 05 1986
Year of Manufacture 1986
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1647cc
CO₂ Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type PETROL
Export Marker N
Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
Vehicle Colour WHITE
Vehicle Type Approval Not Available

Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle

6 Months Rate £123.75
12 Months Rate £225.00

There can’t be many of these pre-facelift Trafics still around as vans in the UK?