Nice Ford Transit Camping photos

A few nice Ford Transit camping images I found:

Ford Transit Connect
Ford Transit camping
Image by Uglix
These pics were only uploaded to get linked to a forum about this type of car. They show how much room can be in such a small car.

On our way to an assignment as volunteers in an alpine hut. We had to bring with us every tool we imagined we would have to use. And a huge ladder and such on the roof. And – as you can see – our two bikes.

Do you see the car’s knees buckle? I don’t!

My husband was a bit nervous about the roadability. In fact you could feel that this car was obviously build for such a heavy load. To get to the alpine hut we had to drive a few kms of bad way with some cross drains and bumps. And we bounced much less inside the car as if the car is empty or has normal camping stuff in it. (Oh – we LOVE bouncing! Not that we would critisize the car for it’s strong springs!)

We also had imagined that we would have to stay behind all the trucks on the highway. In fact we had no problem travelling in a “normal” speed (which for us means up to 140km/h). The car took us even into the highest mountains (Großglocknerstraße) with no problem at all (even though we don’t have the strong machine) and took 8,5l Diesel/100 kms. Which is quite ok methinks.