Van Life – Ford Transit Camper Van Tour – REAR BATHROOM!


To Skip ahead for a Quickie Walk-through, click here: @53:49
We recently joined a few Facebook groups dedicated to converting Ford Transits into Camper Vans. Before this we didn’t know this kind of group existed in our area. We’re converting our van at a great time. It gives us a project to work on during this downtime. It also allows us to meet and learn from like-minded people. One of those very talented and imaginative people is Gaétan. He was already making his own kayaks by hand before he took on his build. He didn’t let lack of experience deter him. He saw what the local conversion specialists were charging for a van and decided to build it himself. As he explains it in the interview, everyone is a Youtube video away from being a builder. He toured several shops and searched layouts. He remembered what he liked and disliked about his old manufactured camper van. Based on that, he got to work on a layout design and started his research. Far out ride, as for many people, was a great resource. What sets Gaétan’s van apart is the brightness and feeling of space in the van. Most vans we’ve toured feel tight as soon as you walk in. His feels bright and airy. His van has a 360 degree view around the van with all the windows he’s installed. He also refrained from chopping up the Ford Transit with walls. By relocating the bathroom to the back of the van, he created an open concept feeling as soon as you enter the van. We were amazed by the care and attention to detail in the van. We will keep coming back to this build video for inspiration and information. Not only did he take great care with the van, he took his time explaining everything to us newbies. Thanks to Gaétan and everyone in the Ford Transit Modif Quebec group. For the information, inspiration and desire to help, we’re eternally grateful.
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